This platform presents prototypes developed as a joint effort by United Nations Habitat and the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

In 2016, United Nations Habitat and the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy began developing a pilot for a global municipal database that could present the first integrated view of urban planning and fiscal information for a global network of cities. The project was inspired by the realization that the fiscal health of municipal governments is critically important to the successful implementation of the United Nations New Urban Agenda.

Increasing access and transparency with respect to fiscal and urban planning indicators can help cities identify opportunities for expanding resources, fiscal risks, benchmark their progress, and negotiate with stakeholders. This platform presents the initial prototypes for the first five cities selected for the project. It demonstrates one approach for creating a platform that can enable leaders with resources to plan for future urbanization in fiscally sustainable ways. To learn more about the importance of expanding access to subnational global data, read this Policy Brief.


Experts were assigned to research the framework of fiscal governance in each city at the municipal level, and document the national, provincial, state, and metropolitan region jurisdictional profile for the city.


Urban planning information from the Atlas of Urban Expansion, a joint project of United Nations Habitat, the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, and New York University, is included for each city in the project.


This project is supported by a technology grant from the Microsoft® Corporation which includes hosting for the project via the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform.


A global advisory board of experts from the public and private sector provided technical expertise to support the development of the project.

The Team

Lourdes German READ BIO Lourdes German Project Co-Leader Lincoln Institute of Land Policy
Marco Kamiya READ BIO Marco Kamiya Project Co-Leader UN-Habitat
Jenna DeAngelo READ BIO Jenna DeAngelo Lincoln Institute of Land Policy
Hazel Kuria READ BIO Hazel Kuria UN-Habitat
Juan-Luis Arango READ BIO Juan-Luis Arango UN-Habitat
Dr. Monica Unda Gutierrez READ BIO Dr. Monica Unda Gutierrez Iteso Universidad Jesuita de Guadalajara
Dirk Scholtz READ BIO Dirk Scholtz University of Pretoria
Dr. Katie Yan Yan READ BIO Dr. Katie Yan Yan Peking University- Lincoln Institute Center for Urban Development and Land Policy